V. K. Enterprises

Ice cubes About Us

VK Enterprises operate on the premise that customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance. We differ from our competitors by providing a superior and unmatched level of communication with our clients

With over 200 satisfied clients across the Indian subcontinent including Nepal, Mauritius and Tanzania in Africa, VK Enterprises has continued to build its reputation as a strong and trusted service provider

Our ability to deliver on complex projects can be judged by the successful work done for one of the biggest oil & natural gas companies in India on their off shore oil platform.

The domain expertise of our promoters enables us to provide customized solutions to our partners, which is a result of the extensive research work carried out by them on the best practices of the industry

We pride ourselves on our efficient project management that enhances product performance and increases productivity.

More than 100 projects in cold room installations across industries and supermarket retailing in less than 7 years is a testament of our ability and hard work.